The hoot of an owl. The flutter of bat wings. A lone howl at a mist-covered moon. It's time once again to revel in delightful terrors, to dress up ourselves and our homes for Halloween. Here you'll find all the Halloween table decorations you need - sculptures, candle holders, trays and more. And don't forget the Halloween party decor, from pillows to wall art panels. It's easy to weave a spooky spell with our Halloween home decorations. 

The Private Collection 

Unlock our Private Collection of specially crafted fragrances and experience some of our favorite memories of Provence. Inspired by the earthly pleasures of traditional Provencal life, each moisturizing, shea butter enriched soap captures a unique blend of Provence's endless inspiration. 

Cardamom, Absinthe & Sandalwood: Aromatic, Savory-Smooth
Wild Celery & Tonka Bean: Herbacious, Savory, Moody
Tobacco Flower & Vanilla: Mysterious, Floriental & Creamy Sweet
Rhubarb & Mint Tea: Crisp, Juicy, Refreshing